Wildest Dreams

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Wildest Dreams Top Coat is a rose gold micro flakes top coat. This stunning top coat can be worn over Blush for a delicate look or apply over darker colors and watch these micro flakes flash a beautiful rose gold.

Wildest Dreams Top Coat comes in all core scents available now.


Benefits of Wildest Dreams Top Coat:

- 5 Free 

- Flashes of scattered Rose Gold flakes

- Fast Drying  (Your nails will be dry to the touch in about 3 minutes, but please give 30-45 to fully cure every layer)

- Hours of scent once fully dry

- High gloss shine

- Non Yellowing

- Durable Protection


 *Gorgeous shots from IG @polishedtothenines and @polishedjess


Disclaimer:Please keep all scented base and top coats out of sun and direct heat. The sun/heat will discolor your product. Please also note that the discoloring of the product will not affect the polish or the color of polish whatsoever.


MSDS/ingredients list are available upon request. Please email us at cuticulanailtape@gmail.com for any questions or concerns.

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