Caramel Apple Pops Scented Nail Tape

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15ml Caramel Apple Pops Scented Nail Tape

Caramel Apple Pops – The sweet and salty aroma of salted caramel and sweet tart green apple candy. Reminiscent of your favorite Halloween candy caramel apple pops. 

Brush this on your cuticle area before sponging, stamping or marbling for easy clean up.

 Takes minutes to dry and peels off easily.

Scent appears once the Liquid Tape is dry and then lingers on the skin once peeled off.

This product contains Latex.

How to care for your Cuticula Nail Tape

*Store Cuticula Nail Tape in a cool dark area. (not the fridge)
*Be sure to shake your Cuticula gently often. Cuticula is made with scented essential oils. These oils can sometimes settle at the bottom of the bottle.
*When not in use, always secure the lid back onto your bottle of Cuticula. Never leave the lid off for long periods of time.

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